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Why Having a Positive Attitude at Work Benefits You

April 01, 2018 1:24 PM | Anonymous

We know that having a positive attitude impacts those around us, including our spouses, partners, children, friends, roommates, and coworkers, but have you considered how having a positive attitude impacts your own wellbeing?

It’s easy to pinpoint things to blame for our mood–the traffic on the way to work, the oatmeal that exploded in the microwave this morning, being late because you had to stop for gas, but the reality is that only we are in charge of our moods. We can get upset at various circumstances and people, but we don’t have any control over these things. The best that we can do is to take ownership of our attitude.

If we only really have control over our own attitudes, shouldn’t we do our best to ensure that it remains positive, as often as possible? We get caught up in how other people affect us, and vice versa, but we ought to consider how our actions affect ourselves.

Your coworkers and your boss will notice your mood, and being in a negative one on a regular basis will reflect poorly on you. If, however, you come to work and are eager to take on the day’s tasks, this reflects well on you. Your coworkers will probably prefer to work with people that approach issues from an optimistic perspective. Like they say, you attract more bees with honey! Having a general positive attitude at work could be beneficial to your job security, as your boss will want to keep ambitious employees around, and your coworkers will be able to testify to your drive and hard work.

Having a positive attitude at work can benefit you mentally, and even physically. A positive attitude will lead to a better mood, which results in less stress. Keeping stress at a minimum is important across all aspects of our daily lives, and not just the work component, but stress at work is sure to damper your mood. We know that anticipating a stressful Friday will make all other days that week seem more daunting than usual! Find ways to uplift yourself at work to lessen your burden. On a day you’re anticipating to be stressful, packing a special lunch or stopping for coffee if you usually make it at home could make a difference in your stress levels that day. Whatever works to keep your stress at bay!

You won’t be in a perfect, rainbow mood every day, but you certainly don’t want to walk into the office with a rain cloud over your head on a daily basis, either! Do your best to have a positive attitude at work, and you might end up thanking yourself.

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