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  • February 06, 2017 12:39 AM | Anonymous

    The Vision of County Executive Rushern L. Baker, III is for Prince George’s County to be a nationally recognized jurisdiction that will be a leader in the Washington Metropolitan Region because of its unique opportunity to provide a thriving economy, great schools, safe neighborhoods, and high quality healthcare. Since taking office, County Executive Baker has committed the county to addressing healthcare disparities and improving the healthcare delivery system and services for county residents. As a result of County Executive Baker’s leadership and vision, a new world-class, state-of-the-art Regional Medical Center is under development as a part of a strategy to transform the county’s healthcare system into an efficient, effective, and financially viable healthcare delivery system. A community meeting was held on January 28th, 2017 and one of the agenda items included an update to the Prince George's County Primary Healthcare Strategic Plan. The primary goals are to:

    • Expand access to high-quality, patient-centered primary care.
    • Improve the health of all Prince Georgians
    • Advance healthcare as one of the economic drivers for the county.

    To read more about this update please click of the following link:


  • October 12, 2016 11:53 PM | Anonymous

    The City of Laurel and Prince George’s County have been spearheading an effort to keep Laurel Regional Hospital (LRH) open and operating rather than the shut down in 2018 as indicated by Dimensions. The City is working with State of Maryland officials, the University of Maryland Medical System Corporation and Prince George’s County officials to evaluate services currently provided at the LRH. Part of this collaborative effort has included the creation of a Strategic Planning Work Group that will perform a comprehensive analysis of the various services and health care programs currently being provided at the LRH. They held their first meeting on Monday, September 26, 2016 and established seven committees to further examine various areas within the overall hospital infrastructure. These areas include Emergency Medicine/EMS; Campus Development; Clinical Operations; On-Campus Services; Work Force Development; Behavioral Health and Volunteer Services. This is an exciting step we move forward in the process to provide quality health care for the citizens of Laurel and northern Prince George’s County.  If you are in the Beltsville, Calverton, or College Park areas of PrinceGeorge’s County and want to participate as a member on one of these committees, please contact Craig A. Moe, Mayor, Co-Chair, SPWG Executive Committee, at laurelmayor@laurel.md.us or 301-725-5300, extension 2125. The LRH serves a large area beyond The City of Laurel which needs to be represented.

  • July 08, 2016 3:24 PM | Anonymous

    Is the cloud a good fit for your company or not? On the one hand, taking full advantage of today’s cloud capabilities could be key to becoming a top player in your market. On the other, without proper oversight, just one cyber-break-in could bankrupt your organization…

    Feeling a little confused, or perhaps even overwhelmed, about your company’s cloud options?

    Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In this article we’ll help you unravel your choices so you can make the most out of this game-changing technology.

    To really take full advantage of the cloud, there are (at least) three things to consider:

    1. Whether to use a public or private cloud network – or both.

    2. Which cloud-based apps deliver the best value for your organization.

    3. How shared servers can help you save time and cut costs.

    So just what is a “public” versus “private” network, or cloud? Simply put, a public cloud serves many organizations, while a private cloud is proprietary to just one. We’ll cover each so you can more easily navigate the pitfalls and possibilities each
    one presents.

    Which Is Best For Your Network: Public, Private…Or Both?

    One advantage to using a public cloud is that you can start using it in just minutes. It allows you to easily scale up or down, as your business needs change. And, with pay-per-use pricing, you only pay for what
    you need.

    However, compliance with government regulations often can’t be achieved in a public cloud. Also, public networks don’t offer the same degree of control that a locally based private network can provide. And in a public cloud, you never know who you’re sharing a server with.

    All that being said, a hybrid cloud may be your best model.

    For instance, compliance-controlled work can be handled in a private network, while less restricted tasks can be done over a public one. 

    Cloud-Based Apps: Microsoft Office 365 vs. Google Apps For Work

    You’ll find countless cloud-based apps for business. However, Office 365 and Google Apps For Work are two of the most popular cloud-based productivity suites in the market today. Both allow you to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations on your own, as well as in real time with team members. They also provide video conferencing and cloud storage. Here’s a quick rundown: 

    Storage – At a paltry 30GB, the storage you get with the basic version of Google Apps For Work pales in comparison to the 1TB you get with the Office 365 Business Essentials plan. Yet, moving up a notch to the Google Apps “Unlimited” plan gets you unlimited storage, beating Office 365

    Collaboration – Both Google Apps For Work and Microsoft Office 365 make real-time collaboration with team members in different locations easier than ever. Due to its simplified features and web-based origins, Google Apps may be easier to work with. However, users accustomed to Microsoft Office may prefer the more familiar feature set of Office 365. 

    Then There’s Amazon…
    Amazon-shared servers allow you to grow and shrink your web presence with demand, easily store and retrieve data from a super-reliable network of worldwide data hubs and deliver content at blazing speed – all at minimal cost.


    While Amazon has led the field in this new type of service, companies like Microsoft, Google and IBM, as well as niche players like Rackspace, SalesForce and Oracle, have all jumped into the fray. 

    Each offers a varying range of toolsets that can make your network more productive and reduce overall operating cost. 

    Navigating your computing choices in today’s cloud-driven world can be complex. And it isn’t getting any simpler as the field rapidly evolves. Not sure what to do? Reach out to the provider of this post Femi Dada of Smarthost Design Technologies at 301-576-1122 for more details.

  • June 02, 2016 7:33 AM | Anonymous

    The Polysyrene ban is in effect July 1st 2016 and will impact all business that use or sell Styrofoam.

    You are invited to this seminar to learn all the detail and how this may affect your business.

    The seminar is today June 2nd at 6:30.

    Park & Rec Admin Building.
    6600 Kenilworth ave
    Riverdale, MD 20737
    Time: 6:30 PM -- 7:00 PM
    Questions Tel 301-952-3887

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